Joint Committees and Outside Bodies

Faringdon Town Council highly values partnership working with organisations in the Town and  has a Representative on several local groups and committees. Please see list below for the 2017/18:


 Representatives to Outside Bodies/Organisations
Bromsgrove day Centre Julie Farmer
Community Bus Executive Committee David Barron
Faringdon Twinning Association Mark Greenwood
Faringdon United Charities Julie Farmer
Al Cane
Neighbourhood Action Group Kiera Bentley
Oxfordshire Association of Local Councils Andrew Marsden
Parish Transport Representative Al Cane
Pink Pigeons Trust Kiera Bentley
Pump House Project Mayor – David Barron
Jane Boulton and Julie Farmer
Traffic Advisory Committee Andrew Marsden
Mike Wise – Deputy David Barron
Public Access Defibrillator Committee Angela Finn

Al Cane

The Place David Barron

Al Cane

Mike Wise

Wantage Independent Advice Centre Kiera Bentley

Minutes of Partnership committees

Town Team

Town Team DRAFT Minutes September 2018

Town Team Minutes June 2018

Town Team Minutes March 2018

Town Team Minutes October 2017

Town Team minutes July 2017

Town Team Minutes May 2017



FATAC Constitution December 2017; FATAC Constitution December 2017 Appendix 1.docx

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