Weather Update from Oxfordshire County Council!

Weather information for the following week from Oxfordshire County Council


  • The paragraph below is from Mark Rogers C/o Met Office update. The concern for Oxfordshire is the High Impact rating for both Snow & Wind on Thursday night into Friday, especially as it may be accompanied by freezing rain.Thursday & Friday:

    There is still some uncertainty around the forecast for the end of the week and is something that will need to be watched carefully over the next couple of days.

    The current forecast shows a weather system moving north across southern parts of the UK which has the potential to produce further widespread snow, accompanied by strong to gale force winds. As slightly less cold air follows from the south, there is a chance of snow turning to freezing rain bringing an additional ice risk. Currently it looks like the snow will arrive in Hampshire around midday but this is subject to change.  We could see 5-10 cm quite widely from this system with some places seeing more than this.  The forecast will be updated as we move through the week.

    The Met Office have issued two warnings in relation to this system as it moves north on Thursday and Friday and potentially lead to a very disruptive event the possible combination of snow, wind and freezing rain.

    • A Yellow WIND and SNOW Warning (Very Low Likelihood of High Impacts) valid 1200 to 2355 on Thursday which includes Hampshire & Isle of Wight, SW Thames Valley and the far west of West Sussex.
    • A Yellow SNOW Warning (Very Low Likelihood of High Impacts) valid 0005 to 1800 on Friday which includes all apart from the south coast.