Proposed Cycle Safety Park at Folly Park by Farcycles

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 PROPOSED Faringdon Cycle Safety Park                     Folly Sports Park SN7 8BF

Our application is for permission to create a small cycle training area on unused land in the Folly Sports Park, with safe storage for bicycles and equipment.


This project will create a safe cycling area for children on unused land in the Folly Sports Park:

  • mini-village with small road network with junctions, roundabout and fun landscaping
  • safe storage area for bikes and equipment

It  links into the existing 1km folly Park Perimeter path for cycling improvers and those who need to build confidence, balance, coordination and independence.

This will help provide activities for children and young people


This project has the potential of helping hundreds of children. All the local schools have expressed interest in this project which will help them to become roadworthy cyclists. They will also gain confidence, balance, coordination, fitness and independence.

Adults will also benefit, as we plan to run cycle training sessions for people who can cycle, but are fearful of traffic. We plan to start Cycling for Disabled sessions.

If more people cycle, the community as a whole will be healthier and the town will be safer with less traffic congestion and pollution. This is particularly important at school pick up and drop off times when children are exposed hazardous traffic and pollution.

Cycling will help open up the local countryside to children and adults, able and disabled.  The proposed cycle training park is a good place to start.

‘Our proposal incorporates key training points and mirrors some of the Faringdon  Road Layout’.