Praise for the Information Centre

Wonderful praise for our Information Centre team!

My wife, son and I just returned to the U.S. from a 15 day driving tour of the U.K. and Scottish highlands. I doubt there’s enough room here to fully express how utterly happy it makes us to think of our little stopover in Faringdon.
Our goal was to simply grab a quick snack and get back on the road. We stopped into the tourist office to make sure we could park without penalty and were immediately given a key to the most incredible little church.
Two hours later we were all smiles and had the absolute best Cornish Pasties of our trip on the way out of town.
If someone can respond with the name of the kindest, most energetic tourist agent who so affectionately welcomed us I would share it often.
If ever there was a person properly fitted to a position, this young lady is that person.
We will return to the U.K., and we will visit Faringdon again.