Faringdon In Bloom

Faringdon in Bloom 2017

Faringdon in Bloom 2017 is set to be a fun and exciting competition. Categories include best large garden, best small garden, best allotment, best basket or window box, best business floral display, best Junior miniature garden, best crafted flower and the winner of the winners. Judging will take place on the 8th and 9th of July and it is free enter. If you would like to take part simply download an application form or collect a form from the Information Centre in the Pump House. We look forward to seeing all the entries.

Look back at Faringdon in Bloom 2016


The Faringdon in Bloom competition 2016 took place on the 9th and 10th of July. The gardening competition was judged by Mr Paul Gray Head Gardener at Coln St Aldwyn in Gloucestershire, the Mayor Mike Wise and his wife Ingrid. The competition comprised of seven categories which included Best Small Garden, Best Communal Garden, Best Allotment, Best Hanging Basket, Best Business Floral Display, Best Junior Miniature Garden and Best Crocheted Flower.

The category with the most entries was the Business Floral Display category with 15 local shops and businesses taking part. Winners received engraved trophies and certificates were also given out for Highly Commended achievements in each category. The Winner of the Best Junior Miniature Garden was awarded donated tickets to World of Crocodiles. The Winner of the Winners was awarded a Darlington glass vase.

The competition ended with a small ceremony and presentation of the awards held in the Jubilee Rooms in the Pump House.

Special mention has to be made to our oldest competitor Mrs Mary McGuigan aged 100 years and our youngest Lizzy Pugh aged 4.

Winners of the Faringdon in Bloom 2016:

Best Small Garden won by Rachel Williams.
Highly Commended awarded to Mrs Mary McGuigan.

Best Communal Gardens won by Coxwell Gardens.
Highly Commended awarded to Ferendune Court Care Home.

Best Allotment won by Rachel Hopper.
Highly Commended awarded to Mrs Bunch.

Best Hanging Baskets won by The Wheatsheaf.
Highly Commended awarded to The Swan and The Volunteer.

Best Business Floral Display won by Acacia UK.
Highly Commended awarded to African Children’s Fund and Hare in the Woods.

Best Junior Miniature Garden awarded to Lily Buckley-Clough.

Best Crocheted Flower won by Sarah Richards.
Highly Commended awarded to Hilary Carter Belcher
Winner of the Winners won by Coxwell Gardens.

We look forward to running the competition again next year