Faringdon In Bloom

Faringdon in Bloom 2018

All entries must be able to provide access for the judges on 23rd / 24th June 2018. Junior miniature gardens must be delivered to the Town Council in the Pump Rooms by 11am on the 24th June clearly labelled with sticker that will be sent to you nearer the time.Presentation of prizes and junior miniature garden judging will take place at approximately 2pm on Sunday 24th June although please keep an eye on advertising in case any changes occur.To enter a garden you must either own the property, be renting the property or have consent from the owner. By entering you are agreeing you have consent.The Judge’s decisions are final

Winners of the Faringdon in Bloom 2017:

Best Small Garden
Winner Scharlie Meeuws.
Highly Commended Jan Fennelly and Katie McNicholl.
Joy to the Community Jan Fennelly.

Best Communal Garden
Winner Faringdon Bowling Green.
Highly Commended  Coxwell Gardens.
Joy to the Community  Feredune Care Home.

Best Allotment
Winner Faith Carpenter.
Highly Commended  Michael Sprules.
Junior Gardener Charlotte Carpenter.

Best Hanging Baskets
Winner Mrs Ebsworth.
Highly Commended John Morton.
Joy to the Community Mrs Ebsworth.

Best Business Floral Display
Winner Faringdon Library.
Highly Commended The Wheatsheaf and The Volunteer.
Joy to the Community awarded to African Children’s Fund charity shop and Acacia charity Shop.

Best Junior Miniature Garden
Winner Lizzie Pugh.
Highly commended Theo Day.

Best Crafted Flower
Winner Linda Gee.
Highly Commended Mrs M Gutsell.

Winner of the winners
Winner Scharlie Meeuws.

Winners of the Faringdon in Bloom 2016:

Best Small Garden won by Rachel Williams.
Highly Commended awarded to Mrs Mary McGuigan.

Best Communal Gardens won by Coxwell Gardens.
Highly Commended awarded to Ferendune Court Care Home.

Best Allotment won by Rachel Hopper.
Highly Commended awarded to Mrs Bunch.

Best Hanging Baskets won by The Wheatsheaf.
Highly Commended awarded to The Swan and The Volunteer.

Best Business Floral Display won by Acacia UK.
Highly Commended awarded to African Children’s Fund and Hare in the Woods.

Best Junior Miniature Garden awarded to Lily Buckley-Clough.

Best Crocheted Flower won by Sarah Richards.
Highly Commended awarded to Hilary Carter Belcher
Winner of the Winners won by Coxwell Gardens.