Faringdon Health Centre now ready for 4,000 additional patients

David Burn, Faringdon Patient Group member, cuts the ribbon on the £¼ million Health Centre upgrade.

Faringdon Health Centre now ready for 4,000 additional patients

After four months of intense building work, a group of patients has cut the ribbon on the Faringdon Health Centre’s £¼ million upgrade. In recognition of their enthusiastic and persistent support for the project, the doctors invited the town’s Patient Group to perform the Grand Opening. Senior Partner Dr Anna Douglas said “Our Patient Group has been so effective in fighting for the vital funds to make this building ready for 4,000 additional patients, that they are the perfect people to open our wonderful Health Centre.” Which at least one patient agreed with, commenting, “Everything about the look and feel of the new Medical Centre says that we patients are important and central to its purpose.”

The volunteer, award-winning Faringdon Patient Group works with the Practice as “critical friends” to represent the needs and views of patients. Marcus Lapthorn, a founder member of the group, explains “We are delighted that our additional pressure on the NHS, health regulators and even politicians has helped our excellent Health Centre finally get the funding they needed to make this building suitable for the predicted 25% growth in local patient numbers. And we are really honoured to open this thoughtfully improved building.”

 The Health Centre opened in 2002 with a capacity for 12,000 patients. The roll is now 16,000 with 20,000 expected within four years. The official opening was on 20th September 2018.

The £250,000 building extension and refurbishment was jointly funded by the Partners and NHS. Despite the early failure of the NHS-appointed builder, the work was completed on time and under budget, with the Health Centre’s staff acting as project managers.

The upgraded building provides 12 GP consulting rooms, 8 rooms for nurses and 2 treatment/clinic rooms. Patients will find the enlarged building better laid out and much more user-friendly.

The Faringdon Health Centre is one of the few Oxfordshire Practices able to guarantee same-day appointments for all patients requiring attention.

The Faringdon Patient Group won first prize, in a national competition, for their 2016 survey into midwifery needs. The group was also directly involved in the CQC regulatory body’s recent complimentary assessment of the Faringdon Practice.

More info. Please contact the Practice Manager, Caroline Beaney on 01367 242 388