Election 2019

FARINGDON TOWN COUNCIL is calling on residents, passionate about their community to stand in the local elections in 2019.

What do councillors do?

Councillors are the champions of their community and give residents a voice on the decisions the council makes. Becoming a councillor will allow you to make a real difference in your community by engaging with residents, local groups and businesses to find out their needs; making decisions on which services and projects the council should take forward; and getting involved locally to ensure the services are meeting your community’s needs.

How long does it take?

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) Local Councillor Census Survey found that councillors put aside, on average, three hours a week for council work. This often includes attending meetings, engaging with residents and speaking on behalf of the council to other bodies.

Can I stand?

There are only a few rules to stand for election. You must be:

  • A British citizen, or a citizen of the Commonwealth, or the European Union
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Live in an area that is served by a local council

What can you do for your town?

In this 4-year term Faringdon Town Council have achieved a huge amount for the Town. Now we need new volunteers to become Councillors with fresh ideas and make 2019 – 2023 even more successful for our Town.

Click here to find out how to apply and find out what is involved.

Achievements in 2015-2019 term include…


  • Community Venues: Corn Exchange, Pump House and Old Town Hall
  • Community Parks: Oakwood play area, Tuckers Park and Town park
  • Information Centre
  • Christmas Lights
  • Allotments
  • Bus shelters
  • Maintenance for All Saints Church Yard
  • New play area in Tuckers Park
  • New play surface in Oakwood Park
  • New floor for the Corn Exchange
  • New chairs for the Corn Exchange
  • A WW1 Hospital Exhibition
  • Astro-turf and garden improvements at the Pump House
  • A sign audit and replacement signs for the town.
  • Heritage Day
  • A community cinema – to include extra screenings for mum and baby, dementia, Ferendune, Day Centre and Twinning screenings
  • Community Awards
  • New benches in parks
  • Town Centre Planters
  • Pepper corn leases to The Pump House Project and Sensory Garden
  • Lego Trail
  • Museum event for Faringdon Infants
  • Free Author Talk for Faringdon Juniors
  • World book day story readings
  • Queen’s Birthday Celebrations and beacon
  • WW1 100th Anniversary Events
  • VE day Anniversary Beacon
  • Bring the game over reward for litter pickers
  • Civic Services
  • Cards for Good Causes Christmas card Shop raising over £24,000 for good causes
  • Annual Ferendune visit with hamper funded by staff and councillors
  • Annual Christmas Card Competition


  • The Tidy Team
  • Litter Picks
  • Faringdon Museum
  • Outdoor cinemas
  • Faringdon in Bloom
  • Faringdon Refill – this included providing water bottles to all Primary age children
  • New Youth Funding grants
  • Advice sessions in the Pump House from CAB and WIAC
  • Faringdon Tapestry
  • Book exchange in Town Centre Phone Box
  • Picnics in the Parks
  • Community Engagement programme

Worked in partnership to provide:

  • The Place Family Project
  • Faringdon Neighbourhood Plan
  • A Live Nativity performance with real camels
  • Market Charter Celebrations
  • Hare trail
  • Play Day
  • Remembrance Day parade
  • Rifles Freedom of the Vale Parade
  • Festive Faringdon
  • A safer community
  • Pop Up Business School
  • Elms Tennis Court
  • Poppy rocks installation
  • Tree Guard Sign – Town Centre
  • Charity Bazaar
  • Christmas Market
  • Faringdon Follies Charty Gala at Buscot House
  • Ignite Youth Festival
  • Free Lantern making workshops
  • Free summer Youth sessions
  • Remembrance Exhibition

Working towards:

  • Better ways to school, which will fund improvements to cycle ways and footpaths
  • A MUGA in Tuckers Park
  • Structural Improvements to the Town Hall
  • Faringdon Emergency Plan
  • Digital bookings system


  • Faringdon cricket club in obtaining funding for covers and sight screens
  • Faringdon Football Club in obtaining funding changing rooms and improvements
  • Day centre secure transitional funding
  • Farcycles to apply for planning permission for the Cycle Park
  • Folly Fest
  • Live in the Park
  • The Pump House Project
  • Beer Festival
  • Citzens Advice
  • Be Free Young Carers
  • Faringdon Folly and Woodland
  • Wantage Independent Advice
  • Defibrillators in the Town Centre
  • Faringdon British Legion
  • Town Team
  • Clean Slate
  • Faringdon Rotary
  • Duke of Edinburgh Awards at FCC
  • YOCO
  • Young Farmers
  • Farcycles
  • Creative studio
  • Community bus (agency)
  • Local Artists
  • Coder Dojo

How can I get involved?

Contact Sally Thurston, Town Clerk at Faringdon Town Council office@faringdontowncouncil.gov.uk  01367 240281 to find out more or visit www.nalc.gov.uk/elections