Faringdon Town Council Grants – How to apply 

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Faringdon Town Council budgets a sum of money, each year, for disbursement of  grants to organisations and activities which contribute constructively to the quality of life in our town. These grants are limited therefore, can only be made available to organisations that can demonstrate a need for assistance within our parish boundary and, generally,  are not a statutory charge on other local or central government departments.

Faringdon Town Council acknowledges that new community organisation may experience difficulties obtaining funding from other sources, the Council will therefore give special consideration for grant aid to such groups.

To ensure that fair and proper consideration can be given to all requests, the council requires the following to be submitted to the Town Clerk by the deadlines explained  below:

  • A completed application form
  • The most recent set of accounts
  • A financial projection or budget for the period following the accounts
  • Any additional information the organisation considers would support their application

If the organisation is a new entity with no accounts available, please provide a business plan, stating the aims and objectives along with a financial projection for at least the current financial year.


Grants will be considered by the Grant Sub Committee. The deadline for first time applicants is 12 noon on the following dates:

        • 20th April 
        • 19th July
        • 18th October
        • 21st February

Applicants will be advised within 4 weeks of the above dates if their application has been successful or not.

 Annual and repeat grants should be considered as part of the precept setting process. The deadline for annual and repeat grant applicants is:

 12 noon on 30th September

Repeat and annual applicants will be advised within 4 weeks of the meeting of the Finance and Audit Committee, in the new financial year, if their application has been successful or not.

Grants Sub Committee Terms of Reference 2018

Grants Sub Committee Appointed July 2018
Chairman David Barron
Jane Boulton
Al Cane
Mark Greenwood
Julie Farmer
Steve Leniec
Andrew Marsden
Mike Wise

Minutes of the Grants Sub – Committee 2018

DRAFT Minutes April 18

Grants Awarded 2017.2018