List of Members  2019/2020

Cllr Dr Mike Wise (Mayor)

In 2001, I retired after 37 years working as a scientist and engineer in industry and universities, and in voluntary work for engineering institutions, and moved to Faringdon to take a position with Tetronics Ltd. I joined the Town Council in 2004 because I wanted to offer my skills and experience to the service and benefit of the Town. Since then I have served on all its committees and been mayor representing and promoting the Town locally, nationally and internationally. I was the lead on the Faringdon Neighbourhood Plan and, more recently, helped to establish ‘The Place’ of which I am most proud. I continue to strive to ensure that the Council serves the people of Faringdon to maintain what’s good and to improve wherever possible.
Cllr Julie Farmer (Deputy Mayor)

I moved to Faringdon in 2000 due to work.  In 2005 I started my own business and then worked with the Faringdon Area Project and represented Faringdon at the annual conference of Market Towns giving a presentation to 250 other small towns on our initiatives after the first Health Check.  I spent five years organising the Faringdon Arts Festival with a team of volunteers and more recently the Faringdon Business Expo.  I am working on getting the QR project off the ground and hope to get a community Craft Shop opened soon.
Cllr. Kiera Bentley
Cllr Jane Boulton

I was brought up just outside of Highworth and was married to a local farmer for 25 years.  My qualifications are in accounts, business studies and IT.  I moved to Faringdon in 1996 with my partner.  We both had plans to join Faringdon Town Council. I joined Faringdon Town Council in 2006 after his death in 2005.
I have been Chair of Recreation & Open Spaces for several years and when it was amalgamated with Venues to become Facilities I was Chair of that committee.  I am currently Chair of Planning & Highways.  I was one of the instigators of the Faringdon Neighbourhood Plan together with other people.
I support Faringdon Town Council and our residents in making where we live a vibrant community rather than a dormitory town.
Cllr Rosalind Burns

I have been lucky enough to make my home in Faringdon for the past six years. Since retiring from teaching, I have immersed myself in this fine community, helping out at the library, our fair trade shop and running a U3A activity group. I support local businesses and take part in many local ventures. Last year I joined the Faringdon branch of the Labour Party and have recently been elected as its chairperson. In May 2019 I was elected as a town councillor and continue to look for ways to serve our local community, by involvement in the different committees, with particular focus on projects such as the reintroduction of Young Traders market, town regeneration and in the preservation of some of the green spaces in Faringdon.
Cllr Peter Castle
Cllr James Famakin
Cllr Angela Finn
Cllr Steve Leniec
Cllr Lucy Martin

I have lived variously in Yorkshire, Oxfordshire & Gloucestershire, settling in Faringdon in Autumn 2014. For fifteen years I worked as an archaeological illustrator, radiographer & photographer and now work in the Science Department at Faringdon Community College. My two children attend the Infant & Junior schools here so I have a foot in each school! I was integral in the setting up of the photography, board game and crochet groups in Faringdon which all still meet regularly, and I have a couple of other projects bubbling away. What really gets me excited and the reason I wanted to be a councillor was the chance to help with some of the amazing community initiatives here, like The Place, The Pump House Project and the new climate change working group.
Cllr Kimberly Morgan

I moved to Faringdon six years ago.
In 2017 I became a British citizen and in May I was elected as Faringdon town councillor . In addition to being a town councillor, I am also a community governor for Faringdon Infant School, a trustee for Wantage Independent Advice Centre and a member of the White Horse Medical Practice Patient Participation Group. All of that keeps me very busy but my most treasured role is being a single mother to a young son. Feel free to say hello when you see us out and about in town!
Cllr Stephen Smith

I am the National Officer for Managers In Partnership, representing senior NHS managers across south central England and in London. I am a member of Faringdon United Church, the Vale of White Horse Masonic Lodge, volunteers at Homeless Oxfordshire and an active trade unionist and Labour Party member. 
I hope to play a full and active role in the community I have chosen to make my home and I am grateful for the opportunity to give something back. I hope to bring experience of private, voluntary and public sector work to the council table. I strongly believe that active and engaged citizens in close contact with their elected representatives is the best way of ensuring the voice of Faringdon residents is heard and acted upon
Cllr Liz Swallow
Cllr Bethia Thomas

Fifteen years ago I chose Faringdon as a place work and to raise my family and have taken it to my heart. In this time, I have worked in private business and with local councils supporting Faringdon, promoting the best of what the town has to offer, supporting our local schools and special needs groups, raising funds and a supporting a variety of local projects.
Recently I have secured a major source of funding to keep the Pump House Project thriving over the next few years providing vital community services in Faringdon. I am also a District Councillor for the Vale of White Horse.