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Picnics in the Parks

This week is ‪#‎LoveParks‬ week – we have some fabulous parks in our town and are pleased to announce that we are planning two community picnics over the summer. Everyone is welcome to these FREE events. Bring your picnic and friends (or come alone and meet new people).

Wednesday 12th August – 12.30pm Town Park


Wednesday 19th August – 12.30pm Tuckers Park

Picnic in the Park

Faringdon Town Council clears footpath

Faringdon Town council have cleared the foothpath from Tesco’s to Town know as Hobbs Lane. Although this is not a Town council responsibility we had had lots of complaints and our residents were struggling to navigate the brambles. We tried referring the problem to the responsible authorities with no success, so our wonderful Leisure Services Team took matters into their own hands. Here are the results.

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The enforcement officer for the Vale of White Horse District Council has provided the following information:
Along Coxwell Road in Faringdon, as you walk towards town on the left hand side of the pavement where the vets is, there is a regular occurrence of dog fouling where someone is leaving large piles of dog mess on the road where the cars are parked. The dog mess appears to be from a large dog and is happening on a regular basis. It looks like the dog mess is being pushed into the road by the dog walker and cars parking along this side are having to drive through it. As a route for a school run, it also looks very unsightly and the residents & general public who pass this area are not too pleased as you can imagine.

Would you be able to circulate this around your network of contacts so that the more eyes we have looking out for this issue, the more chance we have of identifying the subject.


Colin Marshall
Environment Warden

Tel: 01235 547641
Admin: 01235 540555

Environmental Protection Team
Vale of White Horse District Council
135 Eastern Avenue
Milton Park
OX14 4SB

Visit us at:

Could you help?



The Independent Advice Centre in Wantage has some services that cover Faringdon and they are currently looking for volunteers from Faringdon.

Good Neighbour Vacancies

Could you befriend a lonely person?
Do you have DIY or admin skills?
Are you interested in helping people who are going through a time when they need a little extra support?

Driver Vacancies

People who have their own car and would be willing to transport clients to and from the appointments and Day Centres (petrol costs will be reimbursed at 40p per mile).

Anytime given for the Good Neighbour or Driver posts is very flexible and entirely up to the volunteer.

To find out more please contact:

01235 765348

16 Market Place, Wantage, Oxon, OX12 8AE

Services for Young People Survey

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting the Young People in our town we are currently trying to collect people’s opinions about the services offered and asking for ideas on how to shape future services.

We’d really appreciate your feedback

To take part in our survey please CLICK HERE


Elms Tennis Court

Did you know Faringdon has a public Tennis Court for the benefit of people in and around the town who wish to play tennis on a casual basis?


It costs just £32 to become a key holder for the year and play whenever you like either by booking an hour slot or just turning up and seeing if the court is free.

The court is situated at the end of Woodview, Faringdon, SN7 8EL

To find out more please contact  Carolyn Murphy or Alison Scott

elms tennis 5

New Boys Group at FAZE

We are also pleased to announce there is a new Boys Group starting at Faze first session Friday 19th June 6.30-8.30pm.



New Girls Group at FAZE

We are pleased to announce there is a new Girls Group starting at Faze first session Tuesday 16th June 7-9pm.


faze girls group

New VoWHDC toilets open in Southampton Street Car Park

Vale of White Horse District Council recently completed an £80,000 renovation of the public conveniences in Southampton Street, Faringdon.  There are now two unisex cubicles which have been designed to be more robust and easier to keep clean, including one which is specially designed for use by people who are disabled.


Inside each cubicle a screen shows how much time you have left before the door unlocks automatically (this takes place after 15 minutes). The handle will override the door locking mechanism, so to get out you can simply turn the handle.​  The hand washers and toilet flushes are all sensor operated while both toilet pans are single molded designs which are easier to keep clean and reduces the likelihood of the facility being vandalised, as opposed to traditional ones with a movable seat and lid.   To help keep the facility secure the doors are made from solid metal. Some may initially find them a bit heavy to open, however, the door closers have been put on the lightest setting so that the doors shut firmly and safely.


The installation work was carried out by Kier and Healthmatic and Healthmatic are responsible for the cleaning and maintenance – any issues should be reported to them on 01249 823141 via The toilets are locked overnight between 6:30pm and 8am. ​


If you have any feedback about the new facility please call 01235 540443 or email