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Vale of White Horse District Council committee recommends that the council and district aim to become carbon neutral

A new council committee in Vale of White Horse, which aims to help tackle the climate emergency, met for the first time this week and unanimously recommended that the council should aspire to become carbon neutral by 2030 and become a carbon neutral district by 2045.

As a first step, the committee is recommending the council should aim for a 75 per cent reduction in carbon emissions in their own operations by 2025 and a 75 per cent reduction in carbon emissions in the district by 2030.

The role of the new Climate Emergency Advisory Committee, which met in public on 15 October in the council’s building Milton Park, is to make recommendations to Cabinet on how Vale of White Horse District Council can reduce damage to the global and local environment through its policies and practices. 

Among the topics discussed by the committee was the council’s response to the climate emergency through its policies and projects and how it runs its day-to-day operations. There was an emphasis on the need for research into feasibility of proposed changes and also partnership working across the county at all levels with Vale of White Horse giving the lead for towns, parishes and residents to make changes.

Cllr David Grant, Chair of the committee, said: “We’d like to thank all those who joined us and spoke at the meeting this week. Our hope is that with the support of residents and our partners we can help make real changes in the Vale.

“While we have set a date for net zero emissions, this is not enough.  What is more important is taking action now to set the local area on the path towards it, backed up by sound research.  Which is why we are looking at a stepped approach with carbon reduction targets of 75 per cent first.  We want to offer residents and local communities and councils aspirational but also achievable targets with the Vale leading the way.”

Notes to editors 

The committee meets in public to advise the council’s Cabinet on matters relating to the climate emergency.

The committee will research ways in which the council can contribute to national and countywide targets on climate and ecological issues and identify sources of external funding relating to the climate emergency.

The council declared a climate emergency at a meeting in April 2019.

This new committee will make recommendations on how the council can set a course for the district to help tackle the global and local environment through its policies and practices. It would also aim to work with and advise and influence partner organisations.

Vale Climate Emergency Advisory Committee meeting

The Vale Climate Emergency Advisory Committee is set to meet for the first time at 6pm on Tuesday 15 October.

The politically balanced committee meeting is open for anyone to attend and, chaired by Cllr David Grant, members will discuss recommendations on targets to becoming carbon neutral.

The committee will discuss three recommendation options: 

  1. To become a carbon neutral council. This could help the council to lead by example and is consistent with targets set by other councils across Oxfordshire, allowing for partnership working.
  2. To become a carbon neutral council ‘plus’ – this pledge goes further than option one and extends the reach of the council to respond to local and national trends and projects.
  3. To become a carbon neutral district with an aspiration to secure the sustainability of the district’s future, which could put the area at the forefront of climate change policy and innovation.

Cllr Grant said, “We’re in the middle of a climate emergency and urgently need to identify action to tackle it. We want our residents to get involved in helping the committee make recommendations to Cabinet and welcome people’s views on the opportunities ahead of us.  If people would like to speak at the beginning of the meeting, they can register in advance and all are welcome to come along to watch.” 

If you’d like to email your views or ideas, you can email the committee via 

For those interested in speaking at the beginning of the committee meeting, please email by 5pm on 14 October.    

Anyone wanting to come along to observe, can come to reception at the district council offices at 135 Eastern Avenue on Milton Park.

Once the committee meeting has taken place, their recommendation will be made to Cabinet members to discuss.

Town Councillor Surgery this Saturday

Town councillors will be available for you to raise any issues or ideas every Saturday. Please visit them in the Information Centre in the Pump House between 10am and 12pm.

Contact Jo King for further details.


After lots of requests at our Public Climate meeting we are investigating holding a weekly repair cafe’ in the Old Town Hall on Saturdays.

We are particularly looking for people in the following areas:


Computer fixers

Craft people


Electronics repairers


Sewing people

Can you help?

Would you like to be involved in organising?

Do you have any experience you would like to share?

Contact me on

Youth Opportunity Fund

Oxfordshire Youth Opportunity Fund… your community’s chance to bid for funding

Voluntary and community organisations are being invited to bid for portions of Oxfordshire County Council’s new £1m two-year grant fund: Youth Opportunity Fund.

Feedback from Oxfordshire residents points to strong support for improving community-run youth services. This new fund is available to help existing projects expand and new ones get started. Grants of up to £70,000 are available.

By offering start-up funding in previous years, the council has already helped many community-run groups provide support for young children and families. Now we aim to do the same for youth services.

Community-run youth schemes complement the work of the county council’s children’s services department, which targets resources at young people at risk of abuse and neglect.

People in neighbourhoods, towns and villages know best what is good for their community and where they would like to see improvements. Now they have the chance to start or grow existing opportunities for young people in their communities.

For further information on how to submit a bid to the Youth Opportunity Fund visit:



Council staff to visit homes that haven’t responded to the yellow Household Enquiry Form

Released on 7 October 2019

In the coming days staff from South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils will be visiting homes whose occupants have not updated their details following requests via the yellow ‘Household Enquiry’ form.

The councils need this information to make sure everyone who is eligible to vote is able to do so in forthcoming elections.

In August the two councils sent yellow letters to all homes across the two districts requiring people to confirm who currently lives in their property.  They then issued reminders in September to all those who didn’t respond to the initial request.  So far more than 100,000 homes have responded.

All households that did not respond by 5 October will now receive a visit from a council officer to confirm their details.

All staff making the household visits will be carrying ID so if someone knocks on your door please feel free to ask to see their ID before answering any questions.

Residents can still avoid receiving a visit by confirming or updating their details immediately at  You will need the 2-part code on the yellow letter or reminder to do this.

Important – by law, each household must confirm their details, even if they are correct.  Anyone who fails to do so could be fined up to £1,000.

Residents who do not have access to the internet can confirm their details by completing and returning the form that comes with the letter.  If your details are correct you can also confirm this by phone or text – the details required for this are included on the yellow letter

Margaret Reed, Electoral Registration Officer for South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse, said: “Thank you to the thousands of residents who responded to the Household Enquiry form and confirmed their details.  We’re still yet to hear from 23,000 properties so our staff will now be making visits to ensure their details are up to date too.”


South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils

01235 422400 | @southoxon | @whitehorsedc

Faringdon Christmas Market & Young Traders Market

Support Faringdon’s young entrepreneurs and local traders as they take a stall to raise money with their own business ideas to support their favourite charities or earn some pocket money.

Date: Saturday 7th December

Location: Market Place and the Corn Exchange

Time: 10.00 am to 2.00pm 

For further information contact :