Artist of the month

Every Month here at the Faringdon Town Council Information Centre we feature a local artist.

Faringdon Information Centre is very happy to welcome Kit Collins as March’s Artist of the month.

Years ago, Kit went to a great basketry exhibition at the Sainsbury’s centre gallery in Norwich. The exhibition showcased traditional baskets from various cultures, contemporary architectural basketry, even nests made by birds out of discarded wires, and basketry made from recycled materials.

He had just left art school and his work explored the idea of making useful things out of what people call “rubbish”. A few weeks before this he had found a long length of colourful fishing rope on a Norfolk beach and he kept it thinking it would be useful for something. The basketry exhibition featured illustrations of techniques which inspired Kit to make a basket using the fishing rope he had found. Ever since then Kit has been making recycled fishing rope baskets using rope found from Wales, Cornwall and Norfolk.

Kit enjoys making these baskets as they are practical as well as decorative, with the added bonus of being eco-friendly. Through making them there is one less piece of waste in the ocean and Kit hopes to promote the idea of a plastic reduced lifestyle and other environmentally friendly ways of living. Beach rope baskets are made with discarded fishing rope found on the coast and recycled with cotton string and elbow grease, they can be washed, and make great bowls for fruit and vegetables, knick-knacks, or anything you like!

Kit’s work will be displayed in the Information Centre in the Pump House, open 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday and 9:30am to 1pm on Saturdays.

If you would like to exhibit your work please contact the Information Centre on 01367 240281 or email