Annual meeting of Faringdon Town Council to be held on Wednesday 9th May

Notice is hereby given of the annual meeting of Faringdon Town Council to be held on Wednesday 9th May 2018 at 7.15pm in the Jubilee Room, Pump House, Faringdon.

Press and Public are invited to attend.

1. Agenda 0517 2. Mayor.Deputy Nomination 5. DRAFT Council Minutes 0418 b 8. Council Committee membership 2017 18 9. Corporate Objectives 9. Council Representatives to outside bodies 15. Delegation scheme 16a. Community and partnerships committee 16b. Facilities 16c. Finance and Audit TOR 2018 16d. Planning and Highways 17a.What OALC does 17b. SLCC Membership 18. Financial regs Sept 2017 18.Standing Orders 2017 19. asset reg 17.18 20. FTC TAP Policy Schedule January 2018 21.Complaints proceedure 22. Publication Scheme 2017 22.. Freedom of Information policy 23a. Employee handbook April 2017 (2) 23b. Lone Working Policy 23c. Recruitment Policy 23d. Staff Code of Conduct 23e. Training and development policy 23g. Discretionary policy 24a. Account Use Policy 24b. Advertising Policy 24c . ALLOTMENTS Terms and Conditions 2014 24d. Allotment Additional Buildings Policy 24e. Code of Conduct 24f. Credit Card 24g. Document-retention-policy 24h. Grant policy 24i. Mayor and Councillor Expenses Policy 24j. Openess of Local government bodies Policy 24k. Press and Media Policy 24l. Projection Equipment Hire Policy 24m. Protocol for marking the death of a senior figure 24n. SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES 24o. Town Council Safeguarding Policy 24p. Treasury and Investment Policy 24q. Youth Services Funding policy 24r. Reserves Policy 24s. General Privacy notice 24t. Volunteer-Policy 25. Meeting dates 18.19 28. Report to FTC 3 May 18 30a. DRAFT F&A Minutes 0418 33.Variation Agreement (FTC – 180418)